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03/24/15 03:17 PM #66    

Melinda Wetzel (Oliver)

you awesome dancers didn't go to Washington!!

03/24/15 05:36 PM #67    


Ronald Scarborough

I had fun goin to the dances at SLHS. Got asked to the GAB dance twice and went to three Senior Balls. !965, 66 and 68!!!


07/11/15 01:26 AM #68    


Bob Tetak

All right you Pirates! Reviewing the 50th Reunion sign up list, there are some missing names I'm calling out! If If I can leave my slice of paradise to see you mooks one more time, perhaps the last time, those of you living in California have no excuse for missing this reunion, unless you are sick enough to be in a hospital. Here are the names of some of you that haven't been to any of the latest reunions or signed up for the 50th. Rich Castro, come on man! Jack Earle, let's plan for a couple foursomes at the old course at Corsica! My mates from McKinley, Deacon, Faustina, Jimmy Gomes and Jeff Smith. What's up? The Assumption 9th grade CYO Championship team Arata, Elston and Oakland. Come on dudes, show some spirit! Craig McCormick, it's about time you showed your mug! Sheiks, Owens, Anderson, Shubin, let's do it one more time! John Stevens, where are you brah? Last chance to give Tetak some shit, celebrate the "glory" days, swap some incredible memories and stories. It's good for the soul! Hope to see ya there, but if you don't show up for this one, I'm gonna slap you silly the next time I see your ugly faces! 

07/11/15 12:39 PM #69    

Greg Walker

That's the way to stir up some enthusiasm Bob.

07/11/15 09:11 PM #70    


Bob Tetak

Time to rally the troops. Good times at SLHS 50th! 


07/12/15 01:53 PM #71    

Kathy Lucich (Maixner)

With all the motivational speaking I've done over the years, I have NOTHING on Tetak's message.  Way to Go, Bob!

09/08/15 10:36 AM #72    


Ronald Scarborough

Wow, great 50th reunion! Even though I thought I was going to die during the meet and greet. Can't drink alchohol any more I guess. Just a half glass of wine. Thanks to the young EMT dressed as a Pirate that came to my aid. The rest of the party was awesome!! Go Pirates!!

09/09/15 12:47 PM #73    

Marty Rego (Granucci)


Was a fantastc reunion loved seeing everyone so sorry Ron you had an issue at the meet & greet.  Sorry I missed that portion of the event.  go pirates, the best class ever


09/09/15 01:51 PM #74    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks for you concern, Marty. Yes it was the best ever!!

09/09/15 02:10 PM #75    

Carole Forsberg (Sykes)

Our Reunion was the best ever....a truly extaordinary memorable event.   To all the Pirates who attended, we were all so fortunate to have been there.  To all you Pirates who stayed home, you missed a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.  .  And to the Amazing Pirates who made this happen, so so much was the absolutely great !!


09/15/15 05:45 PM #76    


Bob Tetak

It was the best of times. Let's do it again mates! 

09/21/15 01:54 AM #77    


Kay Christopher (Sims)

Bob. I agree it was a best of times. What a lot of fun. I especially want to thank all of the organizers. It was so obvious there's a few of our class and have put on a many parties like this before. Thank you for everything you did. I've been to a lot of events and I thought this was really one of the best organized and most fun. What talent and generosity you all have. It was wonderful seeing all my old classmates. Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see and talk to. I look forward to reuniting again at the next five year reunion. I sure hope we can have another wonderful party. This was fantastic. Thanks. Kay Christopher Sims

09/21/15 05:20 PM #78    


Barbara Calhoun (Bonnem)

Hi Dear Classmates:

On behalf of your 50th Year Reunion Committee, we want to thank you for telling us-- loud and clear!--  how much you enjoyed our Labor Day weekend events and that you noticed the special touches we included.

It was such a pleasure for our committee to work on creating a memorable weekend for all of us.  It was also a unique experience in that our committee members were in California and Oregon with virtual committee meetings via conference calls and e-mail this past year.

Your ticket cost helped to underwrite the expense for reaching out to all of the "missing" classmates who were located by Nancy Salsedo Meyers, Gail Garrison Cain and other classmates who gave us leads. These newly "found" classmates greatly appreciated being contacted and many came to their first reunion and/or have signed up on our class website.

Whether you were able to come or not, you will enjoy the photos in the 50th Reunion Picture Links and the 50th Reunion Pictures sections. Thanks to Linda Van Drent and Jeffery Smith and photobooth operator David Swanson who took so many great candid photos.  Thanks also to those who have uploaded their photos.

We are a very special class!  Go Pirates!  Barb

09/21/15 08:09 PM #79    

Pamela Larson (Westin)

Dear Barbara and Faye and All who helped with the reunion,

I would like to echo the praises that are being sung for your PERFECT planning and execution of our 50th reunion.  As a friend said to me after the event, there is not one thing that could have been done better--the pirates who greeted us at the door and set the mood, the resort-like setting, themed decorations (again, who painted the jungle triptych?), fabulous flowers, fantastic food, fun photos, friendly DJ and just-right sound volume, Then and Now yearbook, parting treats, and even the nostalgic display in the ladies’ room—an authentic girl scout uniform from our elementary school troop!

And last, but not least, I thank you for your efforts to find and bring together such a wonderful group of classmates who all embraced each other warmly as the years melted away.  We only have a 50th once in a lifetime, and it was extraordinary!

You have made us all proud to be members of the Class of ’65.

Thank you.

09/22/15 02:40 PM #80    

Marcia Lindberg (McRae)

I have to agree with everything that has been said, and apologize for not posting sooner. I am very happy that I decided to attend the 50th reunion. Not only was the site the best ever, but the work and effort put forth by Faye, Barbara and the rest was phenomenal. The food was also the best ever. Thank you all very much for your very hard work and making this a memorable event.

09/29/16 11:28 PM #81    


Nancy Salsedo (Meyers)

Hello there classmates,

Hope you all agree with the suggested class of '65 gift of funds toward new Marching Band uniforms for SLHS.  Let us know what you think, and send a check to Greg Walker (payable to class of 1965) to help make the gift at least $2,000 or more!


09/30/16 12:55 PM #82    

Steven Addiego

It will be great gift for the school


09/30/16 01:42 PM #83    

Jim Rutherford

Helping band is a great idea.  How do we donate extra to get to $ 2000 ?

10/04/16 09:40 PM #84    


Gail Garrison (Cain)

Greg, thank you for supporting the class site and Jim Rutherford for "where to send" any donations.  Nancy and Al---thank you for the research. Go Pirates!


10/05/16 02:33 PM #85    

Sharon Burke (Watson)

Band uniforms sounds like a great idea!  Thanks for taking such good care of us online, Greg. 

04/25/18 06:53 PM #86    

Phil Baylis


Sorry, Rest easy John.  

John Oakland,  was my neighbor in the apartments on ( His)136th and (My) 138th Avenue.  We played screen ball, football, and basketball at the High School fields from about 7th grade on till High School in the summers and winters.  John always had a quick easy wit.  Most people who knew him I believe would know this. 

John and I were co-captains of the Varsity Baseball team and we had a great experience with a very good team.  YES, he was a far better hitter than I was.  One of the experiences I watched happened took place at the Richmond High Ball field.  We had arrived to begin our warmups.  We were walking to the field area. There were Richmond fans in the blechers.  Some of their comments were were less than pleasantries.  John stoped, faceced the stands, took his hat off, and said, "Thank you for bringing some color to the game."  we walked on and I believe we won.  Vintage Oakland.

Best wishes to his survivers. 


04/29/18 02:12 PM #87    


Bob Tetak

John was my lifelong friend, team mate and soul brother. He possessed a beautiful mind, a loving heart, a quick wit and an infectious laugh. See you on the other side of this downsilide we're upon my friend. 


04/30/18 08:34 PM #88    


Bill Hostetler

Re: Forum # 68 [giving Tetac shit]: Sheiks, Owens, Anderson, Shubin,

‚ÄčIt's "Shieks" brah.


08/08/18 01:05 AM #89    


Patricia Thomas (Daniel)

Oohhh thank you Bill Hostetler for mentioning me in your remembrance. It's great being a grandparent isn't it? I bet I could possibly win an award for most grandkids. 13 grandkids and 8 great grandkids.
Anyone else care to share?
Are you still in Sandpiper? Sold our property in 2013, now in Tracy. Not sure the last time we spoke. Maybe 2012?
Rest in Peace for all our Classmates who have left us, way too soon.

08/08/18 02:25 PM #90    


Bill Hostetler


Hi Patty. Like hearing from you. My Dad's place was in Sandpiper. I live in Phoenix and come home every chance I get, esp. in summer.

Just got back from southern Oregon, which is totally on fire and smoke-filled.

Madeleine is six going on 30 and I love every moment with her. Out of seven songs I wrote since she showed up three are about her, the most telling probably "Healing Stone." She's got at least three other adults working on her; but she has taught me a lot, mostly about love & compassion.

My guitar handle is Stokin Oakland and Cowboy Wrecks FB page has several performances posted. If you want you can hear "Healing Stone" there.'s all true.

The other two are "Madeleine," and [hereya go]: "Put Some Mustard on it Grandpa."

Happy for you...take care.. B 






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