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01/10/11 01:25 AM #41    


Gail Garrison (Cain)

Greg, Site-Administrator-You, you REALLY dug into the archives for the "old photo" that you downloaded;); you slay me (Alf). What's next, a YouTube video ?

12/14/11 02:16 AM #42    


Ronald Scarborough

 Hi all,

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


09/02/13 12:21 AM #43    


Ronald Scarborough

Hi guys, Just thought I'd be the first to post in 2013. Finally retired after over 41 yrs. of hair. I"M TIRED!!!! LOL! Hope everyone is doing fine. I think I will opt out on that all class picnic. Thanks for the post Greg.

09/06/13 03:48 PM #44    


Bob Tetak

Congrats on your retirement Ron. Enjoy!!!

06/10/14 07:54 PM #45    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks Bob, Sorry this took so long but I haven't been on here for a long time again mahalo!

06/11/14 04:58 PM #46    

Jerrilyn Wardrip (Rosenkranz)

Sorry that no one wished you a happy birthday.  I first met you at Bancroft.  You seemed like a pretty nice guy.  We didn't hang out or anything but I remember the names and faces of most of the kids we went to school with. Anyway a belated Happy Birthday.  Jerrilyn Wardrip Rosenkranz

06/11/14 05:50 PM #47    


Bob Tetak

Hau'oli la Hanau Ron! 


06/11/14 09:16 PM #48    

Michael Arighi

Happy birthday, Ron. And good to hear about your retirement, even if I don't get on here often enough to get the news fresh. I've got about a year to go for mine, God willing and the creek don't rise.

06/12/14 11:48 AM #49    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks Jerrilyn.

06/12/14 11:49 AM #50    


Ronald Scarborough

Hey Bob, good to hear from you. Mahalo!!!

06/12/14 11:51 AM #51    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks Mike. Yes this old body couldn't  cut it anyome after 41 yrs. Tried to dance

at my nephews wedding and did't finish it! LOL!

06/12/14 01:27 PM #52    

Saundra Grant (Hansen)

Hi Ron,

Congrats on your retirement and Happy Belated Birthday.  I remember the last time we danced and you were Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly rolled up in one, Great Fun.  Hope to see you next year for our 50th Class Reunion, we're still here and kicking.  Take Care.

06/12/14 05:14 PM #53    

Sharon Van Riper (Lanza)

Jerelyn Wardrip:


Please send me your E-mail as I'd love to get in touch with you.  Such fond memorys of you in High School.  I'm

so sorry we lost contact.


Sharon Van Riper/Lanza

Jolly Green Giant

06/13/14 12:40 AM #54    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks Sandy, Yes we had a good. Time but that was my last reunion. Hope you have a great time there. Maybe I'll be able to attend. We will see what the future brings.

03/11/15 04:10 PM #55    

Tom (Thomas) Mirigian (Mirigian)


           Why are Bob Tetak and Ronald Scarborough dominating the Foru,m Pagees? Were's the rest of you "Rascals"? Let's hear from you too.

03/12/15 05:34 PM #56    


Ronald Scarborough

Will there be a list of hotels in the area of the 50th reunion. Would appreciate it.

Ron Scarborough

03/12/15 05:57 PM #57    


Barbara Calhoun (Bonnem)

Hi Ron:  Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!  Your question timing is great-- later today will be sending more information about the reunion activities--and by next week will have a list of nearby lodging we are getting discounts for.  Barb Calhoun Bonnem

03/12/15 07:36 PM #58    


Ronald Scarborough

Thanks Barbara!


03/19/15 10:27 PM #59    


Ronald Scarborough

Hi Barbara. Still waint on the hotel list. I will have to know so that I can decide if I an going to be able to come or not. Sorry, don't want to bug you! LOL!


03/20/15 01:24 PM #60    


Barbara Calhoun (Bonnem)

Hi Ron:  Just sent you an e-mail about this to your home e-mail.

03/22/15 02:35 PM #61    


Ronald Scarborough

Hi Barbara,

Well. Payed for my ticket and reserved my room. As you see, I changed by phone # to my cell as we are putting our home one the market in June and will have a different address come Sept. Thanks for all your help and I am looking forward to the reunion but I will probably be chair dancing!! LOL :)


03/22/15 08:27 PM #62    


Barbara Calhoun (Bonnem)

Chair dancing!  You won't be the only one!  

03/23/15 12:56 PM #63    

Melinda Wetzel (Oliver)

CHAIR DANCING!!! Love it! Reminds me of 6th grade when I used to dance with the tetherball pole! You know, the boys didn't know how to dance back then...and Yes, it's the only pole dancing I've ever done! Glad to see you'll be in attendance, Ron!

03/23/15 04:34 PM #64    


Bob Tetak

Some of us boys thought we could dance in sixth grade....

03/23/15 08:41 PM #65    


Ronald Scarborough

Ha, I remember tetherball. I was a champ at Thomas Jefferson because I was a tall kid. 5ft.10 1/2 in. by 12 yrs. old and arms like a Orangutan! LOL!

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