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Who Would Have Ever Thought...

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Who Would Have Ever Thought...
Posted Tuesday, March 13, 2012 02:00 PM

That we (the class of '65) and this generation would be among the ones to see the Return of Yeshua Ha Mashiak (Jesus Christ)? And yet, I'm sure that He will return soon. Just look at the hand writing on the wall.

More Prophesy has been and is being fulfilled now than at any other time in history; especially end-time

prophesy. It is both an exiting time and a scary time to live. We must keep the Faith and continue looking toward Yeshua (Jesus Christ) for our salvation. May He Bless you and keep you.


Thomas Mirigian

Who Would Have Ever Thought...
Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2015 04:41 PM

This is Me (Thomas Mirigian) again; This is an update. Since last written in 2012.. If you didn't believe me then, maybe you'll believe me now. We've gone through the tsunomi, the wheather variations, the earthquakes and IsIs is on the loose not to mention all the other turmoil in the Middle East. This would be a good time to make ammends with your maker. Time is short and this is your last chance. When He (Yeshua) steps off that throne to return to earth, that is the end of the grace period. After that, (since He will no longer be at the right hand of God) they will have to go back to sacrifices. That's what it says in scripture.

     If you'd like to see a sermon, you can watch it on the web at Just go to that web site on Saturday Morning around 10A.M. and follow the directions and you will see a live showing. Enjoy- Thomas

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